Enjoy This Trip

Mallorca Lee

In a world where you are told to stay at home, Safe trips is an extension of Mallorca's love for Art, Music, Acid House & Dance Music Culture.

The voice of our RAVE GENERATION? From his humble beginnings in seminal rave act ULTRA-SONIC to international chart success with PUBLIC DOMAIN, selling over FIVE MILLION records and working with everyone from Teisto to Chuck D!

Continually touring as a DJ with four solo album under his belt have earned impressive reviews. After seeing him smash the main stage at the Reading & Leeds Festivals, NME magazine proclaimed him “more rock and roll than Oasis!”

Over 15 years ago Mallorca started painting when frustrated with making music. Trying to get the noise out his head, using his hands to push, pull and mix the various colours, leaving paint brushes for real artist.

"My art can't be downloaded, its the last tangible product that you won't find in the cloud"